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The Executive Chairman of Ojokoro LCDA, Hon. Hammed Idowu D. Tijani today held a meeting with the Legislators, Supervisors, Management staff, few representatives of each departments on the regulations and importance of the ” Nigerian Financial Investigative Unit ( NFIU ).

The Nigerian Financial Investigative Unit is a unit carved out from the EFCC, whose sole responsibility is to see to how public funds are being dispensed, utilized and managed with the trail of paper works.

It is an international regulatory body that has been given more recognition to acts, ensures adequate and proper checkmate of unaccountable expenditure, bringing out probity, accountability and transparency.

This body is to ensure that the allocation from the Federal Government is actually spent on what is meant for without diversion of it . Also the market rates at which things are quoted to have been bought should be rational and not outrageous .

Therefore, the Head of Administration , Engr. Tajudeen Afolabi urged members to ensure that they do not fall foul of this newly engaged Financial body by making sure that all members of staff does what is right.

Equally, Mrs Lamilisa who is the council treasurer, threw more light into the usefulness of this regulatory body and advised that each person whose name is being use to write a proposal for every financial activity carried out by the council should be ready to give proper accounts and defend the money collected.

During the meeting, the Human resources Officer, Mr Jelili Jimoh advised that staff names should no longer be used to pay politicians or traditional rulers but the individuals who are entitled to running cost of their officers should be solely responsible for the financial accountability of the money dispensed into their various private accounts.

Mrs Adebare, the Procurement Officer gave her contribution by enlightening members at the meeting that to ensure financial hitch free moments, contractors are to register with the council, civil servants excluded, project board are to be formed to ensure that the right contractor is the one who gets the job, projects are to be executed within stipulated period of time, contractors are expected to be financially buoyant to execute projects without prior funding and are tax payers.

The council Engineer in his contribution suggests that indigenous contractors must be put into consideration so that they can enjoy the benefits of paying tax thereby contributing their quoter to the development of the communities.


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