Corporate Overview

Ojokoro Local Council Development Area



Out of the desire to make life more meaningful and progressive to the entire citizenry of Lagos State, the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu created additional 37 Local Government Development Council Areas.

Hence the emergence of Ojokoro Local Government Development Council Area in 2006.





Ojokoro Local Government Development Area was carved out of Ifako / Ijaiye Local Government. It has its headquarters at Agbado –Ijaiye Ojokoro.


It comprises seven (7) wards namely:

  1. WARD  A         (Panada / Oko-oba)
  2. WARD  B         (Egbiri / New Oko-oba)
  3. WARD  C         (Abule-Egba / Ilupeju)
  4. WARD  D         ( Ijaiye / Gbirinmi)
  5. WARD  E         (Jankara / Ijaiye)
  6. WARD  F         (Agbado / Kollinton )
  7. WARD  G         (Alakuko / Ajegunle)


The Local Government which has a Population of about 400,000 people has the following villages / Towns and Communities Forty-Five (45) in number. They are:

  1. Abule –Egba
  2. Oko-Oba-Titun
  3. Fagba
  4. Ilupeju
  5. Wasimi –Ojokoro
  6. Berckley Village
  7. Egbatedo
  8. Edun-Alaran
  9. Ijaiye-Ojokoro
  10. Ahmadiyya- Ojokoro
  11. Araromi – Ojokoro
  12. Ajala
  13. Iju Railway Station
  14. Ijaiye Jankara
  15. Adetola
  16. Gbirinmi
  17. Adesola
  18. Alakasi
  19. Akera
  20. Obadeyi
  21. Ifekowajo
  22. Tabon-tabon / Panada
  23. Adanitan
  1. Papa Oloro
  2. Adeogun
  3. Jubilee- Estate
  4. Ijaiye Ojokoro Estate
  5. Ayanwale
  6. Abule Okoro
  7. Agbado Aiyetoro
  8. Orile –Agbado
  9. Kajola –Ifedayo
  10. Abule Coker
  11. Odusola
  12. Abule –Titun
  13. Alakuko
  14. Ajegunle
  15. Ilo Awela
  16. Abule Olori
  17. Arowokoko – Gbeleyi
  18. Akande – Ikanran
  19. Abule – Taylor
  20. Omikunle Agbado
  21. Abule –Akeroro
  22. Iludun Community.




Like its parent Local Government out of which she was carved out, it has /operates a similar structure of two divisions which are:

i.          Executive arm

ii.          Legislative arm.



The Local Government Development Council Area is made up of seven Departments headed by various Heads of Departments deployed by Local Government Service Commission.

The Department are:


i.          Personnel Management Department

ii.         Finance and Supplies Department

iii.        Agric, Rural and Social Development

iv.        Education Department

v          Budget and Statistic Department

vi.        Primary Health care Department

vii.       Works and Housing Department




The Local Government Development Area got its workforce from the defunct IFAKO / IJAIYE LOCAL GOVERNMENT on the sharing of Assets and liabilities which was done basis of equity.

The staff strength as at today is Four Hundred and Five (405), while Junior staff Two Hundred and Eighty-one (281) Senior staff One Hundred and Twenty -Four (124)




Since the creation of this Local Government, not much has been achieved in this area as there has been embargo on Training, Workshop, Seminars and Conferences by His Excellency, Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


However, despite the above, a handful member of Senior Officers Benefited totaling (20) Twenty while about Forty (40) Junior Officers were trained.




Ojokoro Local Council Development Area was carved out of the farmer Ifako / Ijaye which is now know as Iju-Ifako Local Government .
Ojokoro was founded by Oni Ojugbele Adeitan about 500 years ago. Ojokoro was then a thick forest full of wild animals like lion, Tigers, Snakes e.t.c.

The great hunter Ojugbele Adeitan killed all these wild animals, and made the land habitable for riring and farming.

The fear of these wild animals killing people made the great hunter telling his people when he got back to otta that Ojo-kole Roko Nibe- Now metarphosy to Ojokoro. After he killed all these wild animals, he brought his sons- Ige Ebun Onije, Akanbiogun, Ile Ejika Ekun, and settled them at Ojokoro.

This peaceful environment made people to greet the great hunter as EKIJAJAYE meaning congratulations for conquering the wild animals. Ojokoro – meaning Cowards cannot farm here. The First Baale in Ojokoro was Ige-Egun Onoye Ejika Eku.

The great Ojugbele Adeitan Founder, and his descendant are Akeja- Onoyanru. First tenant of Iyanru family .

He bought many Egba’s like William, Hughes, Beckly and many others who were tagged Egba refugees.


Ojokoro is now a very big town with population about 400,000 peoples. The main communities that made up the Local Government Area are: – Oko-oba, Abule- Awori, Ammadiyya, Wasimi, Ijaye,Gbinrimi, Powerline, Alakuko, Tabontabon and Agbado.

Ojokoro Local Council Development Area is bounded in the West by Agbado Oke-Odo Local Government, East by Orile Agege, South by Iju-Ifako and North by Ifo and Ado-Odo / Otta (Ogun State Local Governments respectively).